July 2009

we finally got through the facebook-mess and managed to set up a facebook page for GREAT DYNAMO. leave congratulations and other friendly stuff at:

GREAT DYNAMO facebook page


we got a winner for the AVERAGE GENIUS free vinyl. visitor no. 10.000 of the GREAT DYNAMO myspace-site is a lucky guy from münster, germany. the record is on its way. have fun!

we are coming close to 10.000 page visitors on GREAT DYNAMO’s myspace site. this is your chance to win the AVERAGE GENIUS EPs vinyl. just send us a screenshot of the GREAT DYNAMO myspace showing 10.000 profile views to info@franticworld.de and we will send you the copy.

good luck!

GREAT DYNAMO is currently busy recording tunes for the LOOP RECYLCER project due to be released on VOLLWERT RECORDS in autumn.

the loops by artists from the US, England, Germany and elsewhere in the world keep coming one by one. so far 4 tracks have been recorded. 2 of them are to be previewed at THE LOOP RECYCLER’s myspace site.

the latest track “NO DOUBLE LEFT” is based on a whistle loop contributed by the british experimental pop artists THE BOY FROM SPACE.