GREAT DYNAMO ist still busy getting together his LOOP RECYLCER EP for VOLLWERT RECORDS. to give you an idea of whats going on we have a little demo of a song called THE DWARFS. it is based on two looped sounds provided by LAUTSPHÄREN. both come from field recordings. one of them is a cable car switch, the other one is the noise of a hydraulic greenhouse roof. guess you will find out which is which when you listen:

recordings for upcoming LOOP RECYCLER ep are progressing. its a bit of work building songs on other peoples loops. getting deeper into loop technics with every session, the sound changes more and more towards a layered style groove thing. different types of analogue sound modules start dominating the tracks. the MFB SCHLAGZWERG, the DYNACORD P20 and some weird russian drum machine by FORMANTA are contributing heavily. love the machines for that.

if you want to follow the work in progress, the latest demo versions are online at MYSPACE.

stay in the loop for more reports from the lab coming up here…

Loop Recylcer Ep Cover draft

Loop Recycler Ep cover draft

VOLLWERT RECORDS BERLIN have just confirmed plans for the release of a GREAT DYNAMO ep on their EDITION 59 in November / December of this year. the ep is going to feature songs from GREAT DYNAMO’s ongoing LOOP RECYCLER recordings.

in his LOOP RECYLCER project GREAT DYNAMO builts songs on old “used” loops by fellow homerecording artists from all over the world.

we are happy and honoured that, though recordings are not finished, VOLLWERT RECORDS already agreed on the release.

three demos are to be heard at MYSPACE

GREAT DYNAMO is currently busy recording tunes for the LOOP RECYLCER project due to be released on VOLLWERT RECORDS in autumn.

the loops by artists from the US, England, Germany and elsewhere in the world keep coming one by one. so far 4 tracks have been recorded. 2 of them are to be previewed at THE LOOP RECYCLER’s myspace site.

the latest track “NO DOUBLE LEFT” is based on a whistle loop contributed by the british experimental pop artists THE BOY FROM SPACE.

german indie pop lo-fi homerecording artist GREAT DYNAMO ( is looking for collaborations with homerecording loop & beat designers from around the world.

i plan to do a collection of recordings based on “recycled” loops and rhythmic patterns send in by people from around the world and perhaps YOU!

if you have any beat fragments, loops or whatever kind of rhythmic sounds slumbering on your hard drives, tapes or cds that you just don’t know what to do with, just send them to me. maybe i can do something with it. this should rather be sounds and simple rhythmic structures than full blasting arrangements.

if you feel like being part of that project, we are looking forward to your submissions! just drop us a line for futher info.